Traction Equipment

Traction Equipment

The diversity of traction equipment ensures that you'll find the perfect product to fit your patients' needs. Traction treatments reduce further problems in dislocations or fractures and are important for your patient's full recovery from an injury. Traction equipment can also help to relieve pain and help the person to exercise the problem area.

You can recommend traction equipment for the patient's home use or have them use your clinic's equipment. Types of traction equipment include cervical and lumbar -- and you can also purchase traction tables in all shapes and abilities.

Cervical Traction equipment comes in many unique structures. Purchase a vertical traction kit with a head halter and a 20 pound water weight bag that's simple to use, but is a powerful traction tool. Some traction equipment systems let you use patient data cards to set up customized treatment sessions and feature intermittent, cyclic and static traction options.

The Glacier Cross Pronex Pneumatic Cervical Traction is designed for home or clinic use and is the only one that creates an even distraction for the anterior and posterior cervical discs and that supports the cervical curve in the proper position.

Home cervical traction equipment is especially designed so that the patient can easily use the device. Push-button ease, memory foam and lightweight material are details included in most cervical traction equipment. Deluxe cervical traction equipment allows more adjustments and offers more features that add to the comfort of the patient.

Lumbar Traction equipment is designed for the ease and comfort of the patient. New innovations feature touch screen interface, patient data cards and tension parameters. Some require no setup and are easily transferred from clinic to home in rolling carrying cases. Many come with pumps and gauges to ensure exact treatment planning.

Traction Therapy for your patients are accessories that play an important role in your traction treatments. They're sturdy, very affordable and are available in a wide variety of styles. Some traction tables are adjustable to let your patients move on and off the table in safety and ease.

Don't worry about bacteria creeping into an infection when you purchase a treatment table made from heavy vinyl and "Permablok" protection. You can also purchase them with footswitch controls that let you effortless maneuver the table.

Stools with split tops are designed for you to treat patients with certain conditions. Traction tables that perform in a smooth movement offer you a wide range of techniques and let you design the correct treatment for your patients while keeping their comfort in mind.

Some of your patients may qualify for Medicare coverage to help pay the cost of traction equipment. To be covered by Medicare, traction equipment must meet certain standards such as standing up to repeated uses. Be sure that your patient or caregiver knows how to use the traction device by offering demonstrations and documentation.

Have a variety of traction equipment on hand in your clinic to meet your patient's every need. You'll find both expensive and inexpensive equipment available and styles to fit each injury and condition.

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