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Continuous passive motion products can help your patient realize his or her recovery more rapidly and without pain or extensive effort. Scientific studies have determined that patients who have trouble achieving a normal range of motion (ROM) can benefit from one or more continuous passive motion products.

A broken or injured ankle is especially difficult for a patient to exercise properly. Adding an Ankle Continuous Passive Motion Machine to your clinic or office allows the patient to exercise immediately after surgery or injury. Some are designed to be used in a chair or bed -- and they're quiet and comfortable.

An injury or surgery to the elbow joint can be painful and difficult to exercise. An Elbow Continuous Passive Motion Machine provides the patient with the ability to move the joint up to 135 degrees range of motion and aids in a quick and painless recovery. The changeable speed control lets you progress or regress the therapy as needed.

Another aid to help your patient recover motion to the hand/wrist area is the Maestra Hand and Wrist Continuous Passive Motion Machine. It lets your patient move the hand/wrist while preventing post-traumatic rigidity of these joints. A variety of attachments give you many applications that will benefit your patients and help them enjoy a speedy recovery.

Knee injuries are common sports injuries and can also afflict the elderly. There are a number of Knee Continuous Passive Motion Machines to consider for your clinic and office. Some interface with a training computer and will also stabilize the heart and circulation while exercising.

These machines are perfect for bed-ridden patients. Most are lightweight, portable and easy to assemble. Knee continuous passive motion machines provide an easy way for your patient to exercise the knee joint immediately after surgery.

Your patients can utilize a Shoulder Continuous Passive Motion Machine while sitting in a chair or lying in bed. You can program the machine to flex the elbow 90: 30-110 degrees. These types of machines prevent stiffness and muscle atrophy while providing the utmost in comfort to your patient.

CPM Pad Kits come in a wide range of continuous passive motion products that will help to protect your patients' injury or surgery area. Knee, shoulder, elbow, toe and ankle soft good kits are available. They're inexpensive and will give your patients' peace of mind when moving the affected joint.

There are many Continuous Passive Motion Accessories. Products like the knee adjustable height trolley can be placed in a patient's bed and rolls easily from one place to another.

Another continuous passive motion product, called an elbow module, provides elbow extension in an exact anatomically-correct position -- and, you don't need special tools to change the shoulder pattern to the correct gauge. Various accessories can offer your patients more options to help decrease their recovery time and remain comfortable during the process.

These continuous passive motion products are designed with the concept of accelerating your patients' recovery progression while providing them with the best and widest range of metabolic activity.

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