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Hydrotherapy treatments originated in ancient times by the sea or beside natural springs. Now, hydrotherapy is used in spas all over the world for healing and detoxifying benefits.

Modern technology has added even more indispensable methods to promote healing. We now know that hydrotherapy has the ability to revitalize the skin by adding oxygen and hydration and the use of aromatic oils and herbs can enhance the overall benefits even more.

Health professionals sometimes use hydrotherapy baths to heat or cool a patient's body - therefore, speeding the healing process. Hydrotherapy products are great tools to have on hand in your clinic to better treat your patient.

If you decide to add hydrotherapy baths to your clinic, they'll need to be maintained and cleaned with powerful Whirlpool Additives and Disinfectants. Whitehall D Foam is an additive used to reduce the foam that sometimes forms in a hydrotherapy bath.

Also necessary is Whitehall Hydro Chlor, a fast and effective way to clean and deodorize your whirlpool bath. It's entirely safe for your patients, preventing micro-organisms and bacteria from forming during a hydrotherapy treatment.

Control the mixture of hot and cold water with Mixing Valves. Using a pre-set thermometer ensures that the water used in the patient's hydrotherapy treatment never gets too hot to scald or too cold to shock the system. A crucial safety function of hydrotherapy mixing valves is the ability to shut off immediately if the cold water supply is suddenly lost.

Choose from a multitude of whirlpools and hydrotherapy accessories. Feet and ankles tend to heal faster with the use of a hydrotherapy bath, and some whirlpools are equipped with an undercarriage which rises to treat the upper body and extremities.

Another mixing valve option you may want to consider is a washout hose attachment. This hydrotherapy product assists you in the cleanup of the whirlpool tank and features a hose with spray nozzle.

Whirlpool tanks are available in a number of sizes and shapes. Most are stainless steel, seamless construction, designed to prevent bacteria buildup and are equipped with accessories like thermometers. They're available in stationary and mobile units.

The benefits of hydrotherapy to your body are many. Medically, hydrotherapy is extremely beneficial to those patients with circulation issues as well as pain and swelling.

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