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Physical Therapy practices have long used electrotherapy modalities to benefit patients. This type of therapy introduces energy into your patient's body, causing change and cure for medical conditions or ailments. Electrotherapy modalities include:

Biofeedback and EMG -- Products such as the MyoTrac Infiniti educates and rehabilitates your patients. It's simple to use and easy on your budget while providing you with extensive information.

Combination Therapy -- Among the electrotherapy modalities that help your patients heal from a traumatic injury or chronic pain is combination therapy, using electricity and ultrasound to treat your patient's pain and/or injury.

Compression Therapy -- If you are seeking a solution to reduce the swelling caused by lymphedema, Compression Pump therapy can make a dramatic difference in your quality of life – and all in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

EMS/Neuromuscular Stimulators -- Electro-stimulation units are used to prevent muscle spasms, increase range of motion and prevent venous thrombosis. Some have belt clips that let your patient wear it wherever they go.

Freezers and Cubers -- Ice units such as Freezers/Cubers/Flakers can be purchased in a variety of shapes and sizes. Flake ice machines provide air-cooled, irregular pieces of ice -- and there are mobile chilling units that feature closed-cell foam insulation and stainless steel construction.

Hot/Cold Therapy --  Hot and Cold Therapy Units have been proven to reduce pain and inflammation and increase quality of care. They are durable and convenient and are perfect additions to your clinic or office.

Hydrocollators -- Hydrocollators are units that control the temperature of your hot/cold compression therapy items. No plumbing is required for these units - they use electricity. Also available are lotion warmers that keep your massage lotion at a comfortable temperature.

Incontinence -- To meet the needs of those with incontinence, Medsource offers a wide range of Incontinence Products to meet your specific need. When you find the right incontinence solutions for your needs, you can worry less about your incontinence problems and get back to enjoying life

Interferential Units -- Stimulates muscles in a wide variety of protocols and helps relieve pain. You set the time for the exact treatment you desire.

Iontophoresis --  A form of therapy that uses electrical current to put medicine into the tissues, Iontophoresis electrodes let you treat a patient over a period of time. They can be worn beneath clothing and are designed to fit the exact spot needed by your patient.

Lead Wires -- Be sure you have plenty of lead wires on hand. They come in packages and include socket/pins, dispersive wire and red treatment wire.

Parrafin baths -- Soothing and relaxing paraffin baths and accessories make a great addition to your clinic. Tanks to hold the paraffin, booties and gloves, stands and thermometers will complete your physical therapy supplies.

TENS Units -- Electrotherapy modalities that let you treat your patients by stimulation of nerves and/or muscles. Some have LCD screens and all have simple control systems.

Ultrasound -- Devices to treat your patients' pain or spasms. They come in a variety of forms, including deluxe machines offering add-on electrotherapy channels or battery modules.

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