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List of products by manufacturer Cramer


Cramer Products started with an injury. When co-founder Chuck Cramer injured his ankle before a critical track meet he put his knowledge as a pharmacist to good use and created the original Cramer Athletic Liniment in his family kitchen. From those humble beginnings sprouted nearly a century of sports medicine invention and innovation. Featuring a top quality product line offering everything from athletic tape and underwrap to ankle braces and first aid kits, Cramer is dedicated to providing professional Athletic Trainers, athletes and all who care for them, and weekend warriors alike everything they need to stay in the game and perform their best. While times have changed since the founding of Cramer nearly 100 years ago, the core philosophy remains the same. That unwavering commitment to Athletic Trainers, athletes, and all who care for them drives Cramer Products to consistently invest in professional quality products, meaningful innovation, and the advancement of sports medicine as a profession. Injuries happen, that is the one undeniable truth of athletics. But Cramer is there to provide products that protect, treat, and support each individual as they push themselves to the brink of their abilities and beyond.